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​My goal is to grow an increasingly robust network marketing organization utilizing the Internet to reach people worldwide.

The beauty of the network marketing business model is that success is measured by the success of the entire organization. I truly want​ everyone in my organization to shine brighter than me (take the spotlight... please! ). 

As I related in my About page, I had a rough start in network marketing even though I was super excited by the concept.

After my first 2 experiences, I didn't give up and found better companies with more realistic targets to qualify for bonuses - but I was still me and unable to break the ice with people face-to-face. So I finally ​decided I was through with the network marketing dream and settled for working regular jobs. 

I truly don't want to go into my health scares, but I guess they're part of my story. The first was the tumor I developed in my lower back. It had shown itself first with one of my​ proofreading jobs, but I thought I had gotten past it when it reared its ugly and excruciating head not long after I started the job I had at the local newspaper.

So my employment for outside companies pretty much ended when I had to leave that job. I'll spare ​you the details of what I suffered through getting that resolved, but it involved seeking different medical opinions until I was finally operated on to remove that particular tumor. 

Next came the first of my brain tumors 5 years later. The one cool thing about having it is I have something in common with the actor Mark Ruffalo. It's the same kind he had.

After the surgery I had to remove ​that brain tumor, during which I lost half my hearing, my work history and resume was ​pretty shot. ​So the idea of multi-level marketing popped into my mind again, only this time I asked myself if it was doable for me now utilizing the internet and using online methods.

After a little bit of research, I found that there were indeed people making it work. ​​​And in this go around with network marketing, I knew I was in charge of my search and wasn't relying on being contacted first by someone and whichever company they ​happened to be with​. 

I excitedly signed up with a nutritional company, one that utilized one's own genetic results to generate an individually targeted and unique supplement manufactured for each person. I loved the product but soon was alarmed by the newness of the company and its subsequent growing pains. I didn't believe in it 100 percent. 

Not long after that, I began to search for another nutritional company and found one whose name kept popping up on 'Best of' lists. ​So I Googled th​is other company's name and looked for a​n organization within the company that 'clicked with me' at the same time I researched the company itself.

And I quickly found someone whose online presentation of not only the company but ​him and his upline felt right; I contacted him and soon thereafter, he became my sponsor.  

​Aaannnd then... in the midst of this journey came a 2nd brain tumor (another appearance of the same Mark Ruffalo-in common kin​d of brain tumor), and a 2nd surgery. Partial facial paralysis, loss of balance... incremental recovery over the years... ​yada, yada, yada, and I'm still here. 

​Throughout ​this ordeal and ​my recovery​, I'm still ​with the same company​ because I love their products​, the leadership, the people... everything about it​, and what helped me get through it all and my health issues with the tumors were the books I read​, both the self-help kind and the network and online marketing kind. Books! 🙂

​Books are where I learned about the ​hows and ​whys of ​building a mailing list, the nuts and bolts of ​the industry, how to stay positive and motivated, hints and advice from the successes of the industry,​ communicating with an audience a​s well as a list, and much more.

Unlike other companies whose product lines I’ve tried and for one reason or another didn’t ‘click’ with me, I found one whose products do.

No doubt every company believes that their products are the very best, and I can’t honestly say that my company’s products are the very best because I haven’t personally tried them all. But I’ve developed a deep trust for my company’s research and development and their deep sense of ethics, which are all important to me.

I believe that to have true residual income, it is important to offer a consumable line of products that people need and want to order every month.

Plus I think my company’s products taste great! A good litmus test for me is the taste of the shakes - I really like the ones from this company. The choices even include a dairy-free option, plus special seasonal flavors throughout the year. All this in addition to the science-driven research that goes into their development. 

Choosing the right company for my needs was first and foremost so that I will always be fully invested in what I am promoting. As both a member of the baby boomer generation as well as Generation X, health is of utmost importance to me, especially after what I've been through… therefore, I’ve chosen to work with a health and wellness company.

​Note: My sponsor, Gabe, had the dream of traveling the world and as I’m writing this, has been at doing it now for over 2 years - without actively building the business while he’s living his dream. So even though he wanted to see the world, his success came about with a health and wellness company, not a travel company. He loves the products, and is living proof that residual income is the best!

​Being that I almost entirely wanted to build my business online, it was also important to choose a company that would support and encourage me in this ambition. There are some companies that discourage or even prohibit marketing online(??). So I wanted a company with a strong presence on the Internet in order to apply what I was learning from books such as Magnetic Sponsoring, Dot​Com Secrets, and Expert Secrets, but also with a strong foundation in traditional network marketing methods as well.

And not a brand new, ground-floor opportunity because I wanted proven ownership and management with a record of care and support for their associates.

If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about and also be a part of my team, please fill out the following questionnaire so that I can learn more about you.

As soon as you do that, you’ll be sent to a page that shows which company I’m with, which countries it currently operates in (they are continually expanding), a link to my a​ssociate site (similar to what you will get as an a​ssociate too), and more.

I look forward to hearing from you  🙂