Top 10 MLM Books List 2

The Top 10 Books to Read for MLM Success

Magnetic Sponsoring,

by Mike Dillard

As a primer, this is perhaps the 1st book to read if you want to build your business online. It sets the standard for all attraction marketers utilizing the Internet. Straightforward with no fluff and no hype, Mike Dillard is a self-described introvert and subsequently developed this revolutionary​ (​now definitive) approach. ​​Learn how to become the hunted instead of the hunter, and why building a list is ​the key to reaching a ​wider audience. Includes a step-by-step copywriting guide.

Go Pro - 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional, 
by Eric Worre

The title of Chapter One puts it perfectly succinctly: “Network Marketing Isn’t Perfect… It’s Just Better.” It goes on to explain how the most successful network marketers are the ones that treat it as their profession, not a hobby. Lays out the steps one must take to truly make traditional face-to-face network marketing duplicatable. Offers excellent advice on how to properly communicate with people. Concepts also transfer well to those primarily building online.

Beach Money, 
​by Jordan Adler

​This is the ultimate struggle-to-success book that tells the story of how determination and a steadfast understanding of the industry over time can lead to massive rewards. Eminently readable and relatable, the author reveals his up and down journey to the top. I read this whenever I need a boost in determination and enthusiasm. Inspirational!

The Four Year Career, 
by Richard Bliss Brooke

​The book to get to not only remind you why you chose a career in network marketing, but to also hand out to prospects whom are open to reading about it themselves. ​Includes a chapter called “What to Look For in a Network Marketing Company” and over a dozen success stories. ​

The Business of the 21st Century, 
by Robert T. Kiyosaki

​If you or anyone you know is having doubts about the network marketing industry, then this book addresses it about well as any book I’ve ever read. Written by the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, it lays out why network marketing is one of the best vehicles for moving from the ‘left quadrants’ to the ‘right quadrants.’ Excellent chapters about duplication and building networks. Includes a chapter on choosing a company called “Choose Wisely.”

​​Wave 4 - Network Marketing in the 21st Century, by Richard Poe

​This book noticeably benefits by being written by a professional writer. Each chapter is eminently engrossing, teaching each lesson in a most thoughtful manner. Although it has a copyright of 1999, it nevertheless is so prescient in how it anticipates the direction of network marketing, it seems like it could have been written yesterday. Includes a chapter called “Choosing a Company.”

​​Inspired to Win in MLM, 
​​by Susan Sly

​Elegantly written in a way that is more relatable than most authors on the subject. Nicely organized with training tips sprinkled throughout​, plus success strategies from famous authors, trainers, and people who have achieved six and seven-figure results. Includes a section called "What characteristics define a good MLM Company?"

​​​​​The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing, ​​​by various authors, edited by Dr. Joe Rubino

​This guide compiles the wisdom of 37 top income earners in network marketing. One of the first books I picked up about MLM, it covers most everything about succeeding in this industry. With a copyright of 2006, some of the information shared may be a little outdated, particularly as it applies to marketing online, but overall an invaluable addition to your network marketing library.

​​The Slight Edge - Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success, 
​​by Jeff Olson

​As the old adage goes, slow and steady wins the race. This life-changing book emphasizes the ‘steady’ part. Consistency in your daily routine and patiently moving on an upward curve over time is what makes the difference in your accomplishments in life. The Slight Edge applies particularly well to network marketing. In fact, the author gets quite a few mentions in a chapter of the book, Wave 4. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

​​​Dot​Com Secrets - T​he Underground Playbook ​for Growing Your Company Online, by ​Russell Brunson

​Russell is the foremost authority on using sales funnels to scale businesses online. In this book, you’ll learn about the three types of traffic, the Attractive Character, the Daily Seinfeld Sequence, and much more. ​

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