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Network marketing is not the same old routine it was in the Baby Boomers’ generation. Today, network marketing has gone online in a very large way.

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There are sincere people working hard to make network marketing work for them, but ​they're spending most of their time and money DOING ALL THE WRONG THINGS!

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​The Top 10 Booksto Read for MLM Success

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Magnetic Sponsoring,

by Mike Dillard

As a primer, this is perhaps the 1st book to read if you want to build your business online. It sets the standard for all attraction marketers utilizing the Internet. Straightforward with no fluff and no hype, Mike Dillard is a self-described introvert and subsequently developed this revolutionary​ (​now definitive) approach. ​​Learn how to become the hunted instead of the hunter, and why building a list is ​the key to reaching a ​wider audience. Includes a step-by-step copywriting guide.

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