February 13

Read to Succeed


​If you’ve been reading books that inspire you to reach for your aspirations and goals, one ​bit of advice you've probably come ​across is ​that you should read from a good book every day - even if it’s for just 10 minutes. This is great advice!


It’s important that it​'s a book that is positive and enlightening. For example, it should teach about your chosen field or something related to it such as sales & copywriting; or is one of the excellent books available in the self-help category;​ or it teaches you about yourself and human nature in general (I’ve found the Enneagram to be very helpful), and so on.

Imagine that the last thing you do every night before you go to sleep is fill your mind with encouraging thoughts, and if you’re a morning person, the first thing you do is read something positive to start your day.

If you’re really ambitious… you can read both before going to sleep and after waking up!


I have stacks of books around my bed. Sometimes I might be consumed by a single book at a time, but often find myself reading 2 or more simultaneously. A few pages of one, then a few of the 2nd one, and finish off with a bit of the 3rd book.

It’s fun to have that variety and it’s totally up to what I am in the mood to read at any given time.


Another thing to keep in mind is that you ​should read good books more than once! This may seem obvious, but ​reading non-fiction books more than once uncovers more each time because you, the reader, are different with each new reading.

That’s not to say that as soon as you finish reading a book, then start reading it again immediately. Pick it up and read it again in several months or re-read it once every year - just keep in mind that it’s there for whenever you want to reference its wisdom again… and this time what you learn may sink even deeper!

I remember talking to one of my cousins and he said something to the effect of he had read a particular self-help title and it didn’t help him. Well, how many times did you read it, Steve?

Granted he may not have connected with that particular book, which happens a lot too, but re-reading books is almost a well-kept secret. Books can take on a whole new meaning the 2nd or 3rd-time (or more) around.

On the other hand, I have another cousin that whenever I gifted him a book, he reacted like I did when I was a child and got clothes. Not excited in the least. 


​Bottom line is: I like reading books! 

How about you?


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