Choosing an MLM Company

​Choosing an MLM Company

​​If you’re looking for a network marketing company to sign up with, here are some thoughts to keep in mind:

It’s been said that as long as you know how to market your network marketing business, it really doesn’t matter which one you choose… but I believe that 100% belief in your network marketing company is absolutely essential to your success in this industry.

After all, you’ll be investing time and energy into this, your business, like any other business. And your prospects have a sixth sense about how much you truly believe in your company’s culture, its products, etc. 

So if you’re already with a company and believe in it 100%, I encourage you to stick with it. Picking the right company is half the battle! And sticking with it is the other half 🙂

​Back to choosing a network marketing company: you should first consider what kind of company you would like to work with in terms of what product and/or service ‘floats your boat’ so to speak.

Ask yourself: "What ignites my passion and is something I want to share with people?" 


Do you love to travel? Then there are network marketing companies that deal with travel that you could consider. 

​Are you health-conscious and want to help others achieve their best selves too? 

How about skin-care and makeup?

Legal services?

Something else?

​Offering something ongoing such as a consumable product helps ensure consistent sales from month-to-month as compared to “one-off” sales.

An advancement and improvement to what modern network marketing companies incorporate now is the ability to transfer ​your purchasing power to ​​those services and/or products that you're already spending money on, which is in contrast to the olden times where distributors were expected to fill their garages with products and then go sell them. What a hassle that was!

Another important consideration is whether or not you want to be in at the beginning of a company’s founding (a “ground-floor” opportunity), or go with a more established, stable company.

This choice will be a matter of which would suit your personality best; but I would caution you to keep in mind whether or not your financial situation can handle the risks of going with a new company. The rewards may ultimately be higher being there at the beginning, but that’s provided that the company stays in business over time and grows. Are you prepared to weather any start-up storms?

An established company has been through the growing pains, shown that it has what it takes to survive and for the most part has proven itself in the marketplace. There are of course no guarantees with any company.

​I’m going to suggest a few more areas that you should look into:

• the compensation plan​ 

• the leadership - both corporate and in the field 

​• their values: do you sense a good vibe ​from this company? 

One of the nicest things about choosing a company in this day and age is having access to the Internet. You can carefully research the companies in which you are interested.

In my list of “The Top 10 Books to Read for MLM Success” I’ve mentioned which ones include chapters on choosing an MLM company.